Super green Asparagus and Spinach Soup

Green soup

This is the most beautiful colour! It can only be good for you… I had this for lunch with two lovely friends and it was so perfect and fresh for a spring day. It is dairy free and not loaded with double cream like many recipes.

Asparagus is an excellent source of fibre, folate and vitamins A,C,E and K as well as minerals. Its one of the best things about an English spring so dig in before the season ends! This recipe also uses fresh spinach, high in vitamins and minerals which gives it the beautiful colour.

Ingredients:  Makes 2-3 portions

2 small onions, chopped

3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 desert spoon coconut oil

2 bunches asparagus chopped into 1″ lengths

750 ml chicken stock*

2 handfuls of fresh spinach 

salt & pepper

a little grated nutmeg 

*I have used homemade chicken stock but you could also use ready made or vegetable stock if you prefer.

Heat the coconut oil in a large pan, add the onion and sweat with the lid on over a low/medium heat for 10 minutes until the onion is soft and opaque. Add the garlic, asparagus and chicken stock and simmer for around 10 minutes until the asparagus is soft.

Add the seasoning and spinach and simmer for a further few minutes until the spinach has wilted. Next, simply blend until smooth and decorate with edible flowers, more asparagus tips, sesame seeds, Parmesan shavings or sour creme/coconut yogurt. YUMMY and so easy!