Gut loving Sauerkraut and how to make it!


Sauerkraut is essentially fermented cabbage. Although it might not strike you as delicious from this description, its health benefits deserve superstar status and I’ve learned that it is actually delicious, especially when its lovingly homemade.

Sauerkraut provides lots of vitamins such as A, C and K as well as some B vitamins. It is also a great source of fibre and minerals as well as being full of probiotics.

These good bacteria act as the first line of defence against toxins and bad bacteria. They can help with digestion, prevent bloating and constipation, and they are super effective at restoring gut health after a course of antibiotics. Can you get a more amazing food than that!?!? All from a simple cabbage and some sea salt!

easy sauerkraut recipe

Different probiotics provide different advantages, so having a wide range of strains is really beneficial. Research has suggested that Sauerkraut may contain up to a whopping 28 different bacteria.

This, my friends is how you make it. its super easy and super cheap…


1 small cabbage 

1 Tablespoon sea salt

First things first, you need to slice or grate the cabbage up and place it in a bowl with the salt. You can use either red or white cabbage and feel free to add in other vegetables such as grated beetroot or carrot and perhaps some caraway seeds. This recipe is just for simple sauerkraut.

Massage the cabbage and salt for a few minutes until juice starts to run out of the cabbage. It makes a lovely crunching sound!!

Pour the cabbage mixture and juice into a clean, sterilised jar (placed in the oven to heat up or covered with boiling water) and push down as much as possible so that the cabbage is covered in juice. If you don’t have enough juice, you can make a little of your own brine using water and salt.

Use an outer cabbage leaf to squash down the cabbage mixture and keep it submerged.

You can get special jars such as a kilner fermenting jar #affiliate or you can simply use any air tight jar. I put a layer of clingfilm under the lid of mine as I’m not sure my lid is that secure! Kilner jar on my birthday list!

Simply leave at room temperature for 3-5 days (depending on how warm your room is) and then its ready to eat. Keep in the fridge after that and enjoy with any meal – especially good with a black bean burger and a dollop of guacamole with some sweet potato wedges. SO delicious!