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Sunshine on grass

As we all know, the sunshine vitamin can be hard to come by in the UK and what’s more, in the winter months (actually October to April), we can’t absorb enough vitamin D even when the sun does show its face. So what should we do to ensure we have enough of this magic nutrient?

Why is vitamin D important?

Vitamin D is a hormone and to be honest, I’ve been pretty blown away by how important it is to have optimum levels in the body.

  • The most well known function of vitamin D is that it regulates calcium balance in the body, so it is crucial for bone health and strong teeth.
  • Vitamin D supports normal immune function
  • It plays an important role in reducing inflammation, which is nearly always one of the main culprits in chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmunity so ensuring good levels can promote a protective role
  • Vitamin D can be linked to blood sugar balance and glucose metabolism, which can impact insulin resistance
  • It helps to regulate blood pressure

Finally, and this is most topical as we go into the second lockdown of this pandemic, there is evidence showing that vitamin D deficiency (along with vitamin C deficiency) can increase the risk of contracting covid-19 as well as being linked to higher mortality and poorer outcomes in those with covid.

How do we make sure we have enough vitamin D?

We can store this nutrient only for 3-6 weeks so once the sun vanishes on the September horizon, our vitamin D stores are on the way down. Winter sun in the UK does not provide enough vitamin D, even on the most beautiful of sunny days. Not only do our modern lives with sunscreen, indoor jobs and medications such as statins mean we are absorbing less, but a number of us will also have a genetic variant on the vitamin D receptor pathway – meaning that we wont be absorbing as much vitamin D, even if we are exposed to it. Often we find vitamin D in a multivitamin supplement and for some people this can be adequate, but the dose can be very low and while it may prevent Ricketts, it might not promote the optimal levels that you need.

This all sounds rather depressing! But here is the good news – supplementing vitamin D can be a really effective way to ensure we are maintaining optimum levels. However, as with most things, MORE IS NOT ALWAYS MORE! Too much vitamin D can be toxic so it is really important we get the right amount. Not enough vitamin D means we wont be getting any of the protective benefits that this amazing hormone can provide. In addition, it is essential to check interactions with any medications you may be taking and to consider other conditions such as pregnancy. Testing is simple – we can perform a finger prick blood test to analyse our levels and supplement accordingly.

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